Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Convo with a New Hire

Here's a typical scene from our HR department. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and stupid. This conversation is between an HR Rep (H) and a New Hire (N)... Enjoy!

H: Hi.
N: Hi Mr. (HR REP) I want to know my status.
H: You were hired.
N: So what is my status?
H: …(Just realizing what type of conversation this was going to be)
N: I talked with you yesterday..
H: I’m sorry, I was not here yesterday.
N: I talked to (HR MANAGER) and she said to come back on Monday
H: Ok, sounds like a plan.
N: I wanted to know if it was ok to come on Monday?
H: What day did she tell you to come back in?
N: Monday.
H: What day?
N: Monday.
H: This Monday? Yesterday?
N: Yes this Monday I came in.
N: Mr. (HR REP)?
H: I would advise you follow the information you were given the last time you were here.
N: It said to come on Monday.
H: Then come on Monday. Sounds like a plan.
N: So its ok to come on Monday?
H: Yes.
N: What Monday?
H: What Monday did they tell you to come in?
N: Monday.
H: What is the date they told you come in?
N: They told me yesterday.
H: They told you yesterday what?!
N: They told me yesterday to come in on Monday.

and scene.

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